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4 Reasons to Book Your Summer 2019 Holiday Now

Posted on: November 16, 2018

4 Reasons to Book Your Summer 2019 Holiday Now

With Christmas around the corner, the last thing on most of our minds is arranging next year’s summer holiday. However, as you’ll see below, there are many reasons why getting organised and booking your getaway well in advance could be a great idea.

Whatever your idea of an ideal break is, just read on for more information about why you should plan your 2019 holidays to Ireland now.

£25 deposit offer – finishes soon!

We know that the month or so before Christmas can put a great strain on our wallets: there are presents to be bought as well as food and drink, while for some, there are long journeys to be made.

With all these expenses to be covered, it’s likely that sorting out your summer break doesn’t usually even cross your mind until the festive season has come and gone.

If you do find the time to research and book your holiday now, though, it may cost a lot less than you would’ve thought.

For a limited time only, we at Imagine Ireland are offering our customers the chance to pay just a £25 deposit to secure their perfect 2019 holiday accommodation; this means you’ll have months to look forward to staying in your ideal cottage but only need to pay for the rest of it eight weeks before you arrive!

Our usual deposit requirement is £100 so you will be making a big upfront saving by taking advantage of our current offer. You will need to get on and book your getaway soon, however, as our £25 deposit offer is available for a limited period only.

Take your pick of our stunning cottages

So many people hold off arranging their summer holidays until the New Year arrives, mainly due to all the distractions and extra costs that are an inevitable part of the Christmas period. Nevertheless, getting in ahead of the traditional booking peaks of January and February has so many advantages, with perhaps the biggest being the opportunity to choose from a wider choice of holiday properties.

As the summer gets closer, it goes without saying that our most beautiful, cosy and conveniently located cottages and holiday homes tend to get reserved very quickly. If one particular property has caught your eye recently, however, there’s no need for you to miss out on it – simply double-check its availability, book your preferred dates and start making your travel plans. And don’t forget, our £25 deposit offer means you won’t have to adjust your Christmas budget by much in order to secure the accommodation of your dreams.

With over 1,200 cottages to choose from all around the island of Ireland, you will likely find somewhere that is either in the location you wanted to explore or has all the features you and your party need. And, if you book sooner rather than later, you shouldn’t need to compromise on anything – take your pick from properties new or old, country or city-based, and affordable or luxury. Right now, the choice is truly yours.

Secure your preferred dates

Another major benefit of looking ahead to the summer now is that you will have almost complete freedom and flexibility when it comes to which dates you choose to go away. Whether you are thinking about taking a trip across the Irish Sea with your partner to enjoy a short break over the August Bank Holiday weekend or want to arrange an extended family getaway that stretches over two or even three weeks, the Emerald Isle awaits.

Once January rolls around and the winter blues set in, people start filling up their calendars, checking their availability and booking days off work so they can look forward to taking a well-deserved holiday. This means that there is always something of a rush to reserve the most popular dates in June, July and August, with the school holidays also limiting the number of weeks that many can choose to travel.

Whilst you might be lucky and still get the dates you want if you put off confirming your holiday until the last minute, the chances are that you may be disappointed.

There is no need to leave things to chance, though – with a deposit of just £25 due for those who book now, the peace of mind you get from knowing your accommodation is sorted well in advance will be well worth the effort.

Enjoy plenty of time to plan ahead

We all lead busy lives, so it’s understandable that many of us simply don’t feel we have the time to plan our holidays months in advance. It is, however, good to have at least a rough idea of how you will spend your time whilst you’re away, as this can help to ensure your break is as enjoyable as possible.

Of course, holidays can be hard work if, for example, members of your party want to do different things, and everyone gets frustrated when they realise time is running short. Drawing up a brief suggested itinerary to avoid this kind of stress won’t take long and, with months to spare, doesn’t have to be done all at once.

If you have a big family and usually need to pay for everyone’s accommodation when you travel, it will come as a pleasant surprise to learn that kids (and pets!) go free with Imagine Ireland, meaning more holiday budget with which to get out and really explore this beautiful land of saints and scholars. And, of course, by booking now this will allow you to take advantage of our £25 deposit offer.  

So, what are you waiting for? Reserve your ideal Imagine Ireland holiday property today and start looking forward to the summer!

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