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Teenage Friendly Holiday Cottages

Teenager friendly holiday cottages are the perfect way for you to unwind together. We have holiday cottages suitable for you to rent throughout Ireland.
We know how tricky teenagers can be - we have them ourselves - which is why we really know you (and they) will love all the cottages we've selected.

You'll know how important an entertained child is - so we ensure that there are always 2 Colour TVs, at least one with either Satellite channels or a DVD player with a range of PG Rated DVD's.

Plus we make sure there is either a Wii or a Playstation console with a range of games. Don't think these are just for the kids either. The first time we had a cottage with a Playstation the kids went to bed at about 11.00pm and we stayed up until 4.00am trying to outdo each other at various sports. We all had arm ache the following day!

With all our Teenage Friendly Cottages there are some outside play facilities provided, plus a selection of books and board games and detailed selection of local attractions and facilities too.

You can be sure that both you and they will have plenty keep you happy. Guess what? If their happy, you're happy too!

Ireland is great for teenagers (it's a lively, young place) with loads going on in the most unlikely places. You could entertain yourselves simply walking (some of the beaches and mountains are stunning), cycling, swimming, sailing or just enjoying "the craic". But, there are plenty of attractions, festivals, theatres, plus musical and sporting events going on to keep everyone happy.