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Owners Holiday Exchange Programme

The holiday exchange programme is an initiative to enable Imagine Ireland Owners to holiday in another holiday property anywhere in the world. You deposit one holiday week in your holiday property i.e a week in April or October into a bank, pay an administration fee and in exchange you receive one week in a participating holiday property anywhere in Ireland, Europe or the world.

Imagine Ireland Holiday Exchange Exclusively for Property Owners

Imagine Ireland has teamed up with a holiday exchange club that facilitates our property owners to exchange a week in their holiday property for a week for a different holiday property anywhere in the world.
It enables Imagine Ireland owners to get a holiday without incurring huge cost and works as follows:
- The owner of the holiday property must assign a holiday week outside of the high season booking period 1st May to 30th September.
- This week is entitling you to exchange into any property size, anytime of the year anywhere in the world – it does not restrict you to take the same week you deposited.
- Each week deposited gives you a week to enjoy elsewhere in the world. This week is transferable to friends and family but the booker must be the registered owner.
- The exchanged week is valid for three years whilst you remain with Imagine Ireland Limited i.e. you have 3 years to decide when and where you wish to holiday.
- The exchange bank comprises of 450,000 worldwide members and gives you access to a global network of offices in Australia, USA, South Africa, New Zealand Thailand India and China.
- There is no extra costs just a flat exchange fee of €99 if you exchange in Ireland, the UK and Europe or €125 if you choose a long haul destination such as Australia, USA or Thailand.
For further details, simply email us at with your name, property number, and the best time to contact you and we will get back in touch (please remember to make the subject of your email 'Holiday Exchange Programme').