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We would like to firstly thank you for your patience and support.

We are currently dealing with exceptional call volumes and our current focus is on assisting customers with cancellations of imminent holidays so please do bear with us. If you are trying to contact our Call Centre, we recommend instead that you email us at as the majority of our staff are working remotely. If you have emailed us or left a message, we will get back to you. And again your patience here is really appreciated.

Ireland is open for business however please bear in mind the following when planning your holiday.


Pubs that do not serve food remain closed until the next update on 10th August 2020. There are additional restrictions for pubs that do serve food. There is the maximum stay of 105 minutes permitted duration in the pub and the compulsory purchase of a meal. There is also currently no live music allowed to be played. Please also bear in mind that although some visitor attractions, shops, restaurants, pubs, etc. local to your holiday property will almost certainly not be open, this is not something Imagine Ireland can control and in itself is not a justification to cancel so please do give full consideration as to what you want from your holiday before you proceed with your booking. 

If the Government revises its roadmap plans and re-introduces lock-down and official restrictions to travel within Ireland at any time (from the official opening date of the 29th June on-wards) then you will be refunded less the non-refundable deposit which will be held as credit for you to re-book later in the year or next year.  Our systems are automated to take final payments 8 weeks in advance of your arrival so it is important that you pay in full for your holiday in order to secure your dates.


Our overseas holidaymakers need to factor in the 14 day self-quarantine requirement on arrival into Ireland. Please be advised that this is still in force.  This is beyond our control and as your holiday home  will be ready for your arrival so it is not  justification for a refund so please do take this into consideration before you book your holiday and if you have booked your holiday then please get in touch with us urgently via email.

The Republic of Ireland has finally released a "Green List" of 15 countries, excluding Great Britain and the US, that travellers can go to and not self-isolate on their return. The 15 countries are Malta, Finland, Norway, Italy, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Cyprus, Slovakia, Greece, Greenland, Gibraltar, Monaco and San Marino. The list is to be reviewed every fortnight. The advice to avoid non-essential travel applies to all other countries. This is based on advice from officials, including public health experts.

At present, travellers arriving into the Republic of Ireland from anywhere other than Northern Ireland are required to self-isolate and restrict their movements for 14 days. Northern Ireland is however different: people arriving into Northern Ireland from more than 50 countries including Spain, France Germany and Italy are now no longer required to quarantine. The Common Travel Area which covers the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Isle of Man and the Channel Islands continue to be exempt from NI’s quarantine rules.

Meantime here are some FAQs which may also be of help as you plan your holiday.

Q. What are my options regarding flexibility / amendment / cancellation of my booking after the 29th June 2020

Our normal booking conditions apply and are outlined here .  Our owners are prepaid in advance for bookings so our normal terms and conditions will apply.  We appreciate this is difficult when some circumstances are beyond your control. We will have the discussion with the owners of the property but it is entirely at the owners discretion if they are happy to facilitate you at another time.

Q. Will the property be free from Covid-19?

The answer to this question is that we simply do not know nor can we provide any guarantees as to this.  

Our owners have also been caught up in this Covid-19 calamity and fully appreciate the necessity for vigilant hygiene and disinfecting however they can only do what is “reasonable” and have been asked to deploy a heightened hygiene regimes.  Our owners also are in receipt of the Failte Ireland Cleaning Guidelines, a copy of which may be downloaded There is however also a requirement on each holidaymaker to be 'self-responsible'.  For example we would suggest that you also pack additional disinfectant, cleaning wipes, kitchen paper, hand sanitizer and bin bags and even your own bed-linen if you have concerns over this. 

Q. What happens on arrival and departure?

Please be vigilant on contacting the home owner /caretaker at least 48 hours prior to arrival as they may require more time to prepare the property - arrival time has been amended to 6pm and not 4pm. 

Also you may be asked to sign a Disclaimer Statement on arrival and departure that you do not have the virus. This is for everyone's protection - yourself and your family, the owner and their family and of course holidaymakers who might be visiting the property after you. If you are not agreeable to this added precaution, regrettably we would suggest that you may wish to consider cancelling your holiday. 

Departure from the holiday property is promptly at 10am and so please do facilitate the owner to allow an 8-hour window between holiday lettings.

Q. Where can I receive more information about Coronavirus?

We would advise you to avoid social media and instead check government guidelines or official channels such as the following for the most up to date information on COVID-19: here are a couple of useful links ; and

Finally, may we thank you again for your patience and support, and we sincerely hope that both you and your loved ones stay safe during these unprecedented times. 

The Imagine Ireland Team

22 July 2020