Imagine Ireland Booking Conditions

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These Booking Conditions contain important information concerning your booking. Please read them carefully as they set out our respective rights and obligations. When you make a booking with us whether by email, internet or telephone and these conditions are deemed to have been accepted by you. At all times we act as agent only for the supplier of your chosen arrangements.




Covid-19 With the best interests of our owners and our holidaymakers uppermost in our minds, it is important to also read our Travel Advisory page on the Home page of our website for up to date information with regards to travel restrictions, lock down periods, cancellation and refunds should restrictions resume.


Imagine Ireland Ltd is registered in England at Embsay Mills, Embsay, Skipton North Yorkshire BD23 6QF, with company number 4827286. We have been successfully helping people book their stays in Ireland for over 19 years and we pride ourselves on our high standard of service and excellent reputation with our clients and the suppliers of your chosen arrangements.


  1. General


In these Booking Conditions, “you” and “your” means the first named person on the booking (the “party leader”) and all other members ofyour party as appropriate (including any persons who are later added to or substituted on the booking) or any of them as the context requires. References to your “booking” or “arrangements” means the property, travel and/or other services, as applicable, booked and paid for in the UK through Imagine Ireland Ltd (“we” and “us”). References to “Property Owner” means the owner(s) of the properties, or any of them, featured by us in our brochure, website and any other material. References to “Service Provider” means the ferry operators and car hire companies, or any of them, who provide the ferry crossings or car hire offered arranged by us on your behalf. At all times we act as agent only for the arrangements we take and/or make on your behalf. We accept no liability in relation to any contract you enter into or for any arrangements you purchase or for the acts or omissions of any Property Owner or Service Provider. For all arrangements, your contract will be with the Property Owner or Service Provider in question and their terms and conditions will apply to your booking. Their terms and conditions may limit and/or exclude their liability to you. All Property Owners have agreed that these Booking Conditions together with the description of your chosen property and the general information contained in this brochure and on our website will form the basis of your agreement with the Property Owner in relation to the rental of any property although please note that they reserve the right to introduce other conditions or vary these conditions. Where additional terms apply to any property rental we will inform you at the time of booking.

The terms and conditions of the Service Provider of your confirmed arrangements will apply to your booking in respect of their services. Copies of these conditions are available on request from us. If you need to cancel or amend a confirmed booking, cancellation/ amendment charges will generally be payable. The amount of such charges varies according to the time your notice of cancellation is received before departure. Please check the Service Provider’s terms and conditions. These Booking Conditions together with the description of your chosen property and the general information contained in this brochure and on our website also contain information about your booking and how we can assist you with making your booking with the Service Provider.


  1. Package Travel or Transportation


Our bookings do not constitute “package holidays” and therefore do not benefit from the rights applying to packages or linked travel arrangements under the Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations 2018. We do not sell packages or allow the booking of transport and accommodation services during a single visit to our website, email, or via telephone or otherwise within 24 hours of each other. If you have made an accommodation booking and subsequently add, more than 24 hours later, transport, doing so will not convert any booking into a package or linked travel arrangement. Imagine Ireland Ltd will not therefore be responsible for the proper performance of any travel or accommodation services nor provide any financial protection for the unlikely event that us or your service provider become insolvent. We recommend you take out a policy of travel insurance to cover you for such eventualities, however unlikely they may be. We are payment security compliant.




The party leader must be 18 years or over when you make your booking. The Property Owner/Service Provider will enter into a contract with you when they confirm your booking. We will forward your written confirmation by email. It is your responsibility to check your emails regularly and advise of any change to your email address. Do check your spam folder if you are not in receipt of your confirmation. As soon as your confirmation is received, you should check the details carefully. If anything is not correct you must tell us within 7 days of receipt of confirmation by telephoning Customer Care from UK on 01756 707726 or from overseas 0044 (0)1756 707726. Our Customer Care Department is open Monday –Friday 9am –5pm. We reserve the right to charge an amendment fee of £30 /€34.50 for each week booked to administer/correct any error by you or where you fail to notify us of any error within 7 days of receipt, this is in addition to any charges which may be due to the Service Provider concerned.




Except where otherwise advised or stated in the booking conditions of the Property Owner/Service Provider concerned, all monies you pay to us for your arrangements will be held on their behalf.

A booking fee is payable by you to us and will be added to the cost of accommodation. This is £25 per property per short break (3 nights) or £40 per property per week (4 to 7 nights). Thereafter, a £40 booking fee is charged per property per additional week (4 –7 nights) and/or £25 per property per additional 1 -3 nights. We will advise you of the payment required at the time of booking. For accommodation booked within 8 weeks of the start of your stay this will be the full cost of your booking. You may pay on-line by debit/credit card, by bank transfer to our Euro, Sterling or Dollar Bank account or by sending a sterling or euro cheque. Where you pay a non-refundable deposit at the time of booking (an initial sum of £99/€113.85/$128.70) the full balance payment is due 8 weeks prior to the start of your arrangements. At the time of booking where paying your non-refundable deposit by credit or debit card, you can authorise us to automatically deduct the balance from your card when it becomes due. If the balance is not received by the due date, the Property Owner or Service Provider may treat your booking as cancelled by you.

In the case of accommodation, cancellation charges will be payable in accordance with clause 8. If we have to contact you for payment after your final balance payment has become due, a charge of £10 will be made for every reminder sent out on your behalf. All prices quoted and otherwise advised to you include all relevant taxes in force at the time the brochure was published. They are subject to change if the appropriate rate alters or a new tax applies. Prices may be increased or decreased at any time by the Property Owner or Service Provider. Changes and errors occasionally occur in advertised, published and confirmed prices; hence you should check all details of your chosen arrangements (including the price) at the time of booking and particularly on receipt of your confirmation.

Low Deposit Offers –Where a property is advertised for sale with either a lower than usual deposit or no deposit then you agree to pay the difference between the amount paid and the usual full deposit at the time the balance of your booking is due. If you cancel your booking prior to the balance due date, you also agree to pay the difference between the amount paid and the usual full deposit amount because a cancellation charge equal to the full deposit amount for the property will apply. Payment of that sum will be due immediately when you instruct us to cancel your booking.




Please note, changes and errors occasionally occur due to circumstances which are beyond our and or the Property Owner or Service Provider’s control -such as currency fluctuations –they therefore need to reserve the right to increase or indeed decrease prices before your final balance is paid and we will advise you accordingly if that is the case. In the event that there is a change in price after your booking is confirmed, we will advise you of this and offer a comparable option if we are able to do so or your money refunded if you wish to make alternative arrangements. Special offers, discounts or savings advertised are available on selected properties on selected dates. Prices offered in 2021 for arrangement start dates in 2022 may be subject to alteration.

The sterling/ euro exchange rate has varied considerably in recent times. In the event that the sterling/euro exchange rate varies the Property Owner and/or Service Provider is entitled to increase or decrease their sterling equivalent prices prior to or at the time of booking.


  1. Website


We take due care and do everything we reasonably can to ensure that the information provided on our website or in other material produced is accurate. We cannot accept responsibility for any changes or closures to area amenities or attractions mentioned in our brochure, on our website, or in other material produced by us. All distances are approximate. The current Terms & Conditions on our website supersede all previous editions.




In these Booking Conditions, “force majeure” means any event or circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the Property Owner. Property Owners cannot accept any liability or pay any compensation or be responsible for any resulting costs or expenses where the performance or prompt performance of the obligations of the party concerned is prevented or affected by or you otherwise suffer any damage or loss as a result of force majeure.




An amendment fee of £30 per week booked will be charged for every change made to a booking to cover our administration costs. There may in addition be costs or charges incurred or imposed by the Property Owner and/or any Service Provider. Subject to availability, the agreement of the Property Owner and the above amendment fee, you may transfer your booking to a different arrival date. If the rental price for the alternative arrival date is higher than that payable for the original date, you will have to pay the extra amount. If the rental price for the alternative arrival date is lower than that payable for the original date, the Property Owner may at his discretion agree to refund the difference but is not obliged to do so. Full and Part Cancellation of your booking. The party leader must confirm cancellation in writing which will take effect from the day we receive the email or letter. Unless we otherwise advise you at the time of booking the cancellation charges set out below will be applied by the Property Owner in question, any Service Provider will have separate charges (available on request) payable in addition. Cancellation charges vary depending on the number of days before the arrival date/start date of the service that your letter is received by us on behalf of the Property Owner.

More than 57 days before the arrival date at the property or start date of the service the amount payable by you is the full non-refundable deposit (including any balance of deposit due in case of low deposit offers or the full deposit normally payable in the case of nil deposit offers).

Within 29-56 days before the arrival date at the property or start date of the service the amount payable by you is 50% of the property rental element of the booking cancelled or full non-refundable deposit (including any balance of deposit due) whichever is the greater.

15-28 days before the arrival date at the property or the start date of the service the amount payable by you is 75% of the property rental element of the booking cancelled or full non-refundable deposit (including any balance of deposit due) whichever is the greater.

Within 0-14 days before the arrival date at the property or start date of the service the amount payable by you is the total cost of the property rental element of the booking cancelled and the booking fee.

Please note, references to your non-refundable deposit include the booking fee payable to us. Please note our insurance premiums, booking fees, maps and administration and amendment charges are not refundable in the event of cancellation.

Following the declaration of COVID-19 as a global pandemic by the World Health Organization, COVID-19 and its consequences are no longer unforeseen or unexpected. Holidaymakers therefore are advised to understand the cancellation policy prior to booking and in particular our cancellation policy regarding the retention of the non-refundable deposit.

If lock-down in Ireland occurs at the time of your holiday, you may be refunded in full less the non-refundable deposit of 99/€113.85/$128.70 which will be held as credit for you to re-book your holiday by the 31st December 2021. If you are not in favour of us holding your non-refundable deposit as credit then the booking fee charge per week booked for our services will be deducted and the balance refunded.

Depending on the timing of your cancellation, please be advised that our owners are paid in advance so payments may have to be reimbursed first from the owner in order to refund you. Your patience in this instance is appreciated. When rebooking simply advise of the property number and the dates and quote your old booking reference number. Alternatively, you may rebook your holiday on our website, simply advise us of the new web booking reference number and we will apply the credit we hold on file for you.




Changes outside the control of the Property  Owner/Service Provider occasionally occur and bookings have to be changed or cancelled or errors in brochure or other details corrected. The Property Owner/Service Provider will therefore reserve the right to do so. We are not liable for any changes, cancellations or errors made by a Property Owner/Service Provider (including the effect of any change or cancellation on any other services). Where a Property Owner cancels a booking or the property becomes unavailable for any reason, the Property Owner will, where reasonably possible, endeavour to offer you an alternative property or may ask us to suggest an alternative from those featured in our brochure or on our website in our capacity as agent. You will be responsible for meeting the cost of the alternative property but any amounts paid towards the cost of the cancelled booking may be credited by the Property Owner to the new booking.




It is the requirements and standards of Ireland which apply to your booking not those of the UK. As a general rule, these requirements and standards will not be the same as the UK and may sometimes be lower. Since Covid 19 the property may not be occupied before 18:00 hrs (6 pm) on the rental start date unless prior permission has been obtained from the Property Owner. The property should be vacated by 10:00 hrs (10 am) on the final day of the rental.

You should contact the Property Owner/ caretaker no later than 48 hours before the start of your arrangements to finalise all arrival details, including agreed arrival time and key collection. The international dialling code for Ireland is 00353 from the UK and ++353 from other countries. You should advise the Property Owner/caretaker of any travel delay the moment you become aware of it so that suitable arrangements can be made.

If you do not follow the above procedure and fail to gain access to the property, you will be fully responsible for all costs incurred as a result including the costs of any temporary accommodation, or other temporary arrangements made, until you can gain access to the property. You agree both to keep the property clean and tidy and to leave the property in a clean and tidy condition on the final day with all furniture where located at the outset of the rental. A charge will be made if additional cleaning is required.

You further agree not to use the property for any purpose other than that of your own private use, including without limitation assigning or subletting it or using it for any business. You undertake to pay all extra charges and to indemnify the Property Owner against any damage or loss caused by you or anyone you allow in the property. You are responsible to the Property Owner for the actual costs of any breakage or damage in or to the property along with any additional costs that may result/which are caused by you or anyone you allow in the property and the Property Owner can require payment from you to cover any such costs.

The Property Owner is entitled at his/her sole and absolute discretion to refuse to hand over the keys to you, and/or to repossess the property, if the Property Owner reasonably believes that any damage is likely to be caused, has been caused or is being caused by you or anyone you have allowed in the property.

The total number in the party should not exceed the number stated for any particular property as detailed in the brochure, unless prior consent has been obtained. If this is disregarded the Property Owner reserves the right to terminate the rental without notice in which case the booking will be treated as cancelled by you. No refund of any monies you have paid in respect of your booking will be made, full cancellation charges will apply and the Property Owner will have no liability to you as a result of this situation arising (including e.g. any costs or expenses incurred due to not being able to occupy the property, such as the cost of securing an alternative property/ accommodation). In this situation, neither the Property Owner nor us are under any obligation to find any alternative accommodation for you.

You should allow the Property Owner and any representative of the Property Owner (including workmen) access to the property at any reasonable time during your occupation of the property. In cases of emergency or where a problem needs remedying quickly and you cannot be contacted in time the Property Owner is entitled to enter the property at any time without giving you prior notice.

Two or Four Person Pricing: These prices relate solely to occupancy by one or two persons for the 2 person price and one to four persons for the 4 person price and one baby up to 18 months at the time of travel. The Property Owner is only responsible to make up beds for the stated number of occupants on the confirmation form and has the right to lock other bedrooms not requested at the time of booking.

The Property Owner is entitled to ask for a minimum additional charge of £100 or the standard weekly tariff, as the Property Owner determines, at the time of your stay if the 2 or 4 person pricing conditions above are broken. The Property Owner can refuse entry if any such additional sum is not paid.

Security/Damage Deposit: A Security/Damage Deposit may be requested and payable on arrival. Any deposit will be returned at the end of the rental period (unless other arrangements are stipulated) providing the premises have been left in the same condition as which they were found, save for reasonable wear and tear. The Property Owner reserves the right to retain either all or part of the security/damage deposit as payment against any actual or estimated losses. If any damage exceeds the amount of the security/damage deposit you will be liable to the Property Owner for any additional sums. If any estimated amount is lower than the amount retained by the Property Owner the difference will be refunded to you.


  1. PETS


Pets are only allowed at properties that state they are allowed on our website. It is your responsibility to advise us at the time of booking of any pets you are or might be taking. If you take a pet or type of pet into a property that does not allow them, or you exceed the stated number/size of pets, the Property Owner reserves the right to terminate the rental without notice. In such an event the booking will be treated as cancelled by you. Pets are not allowed in bedrooms, in the bath/ shower, on furniture or in any communal facilities, such as swimming pools or shops. Pets should not be left unattended in the property. Dogs should be kept on a lead within the boundaries of a property including the garden. It is your responsibility to clean up after your pet inside and outside. You are responsible for any damage, loss or additional cleaning caused by your pet.

Regulations concerning the control of dogs in Ireland can be obtained from the Department of the Environment, Tel: 00353 (1) 2225275 and Under the EU pet movement system, all pet dogs and cats moving between EU Member States must meet the same animal health rules. All pets travelling must be micro chipped, vaccinated against rabies and accompanied by a pet passport. Please note it is your responsibility to provide all necessary documents and make all arrangements to satisfy all legal requirements.




Whilst most of the properties we feature will have mobile phone coverage and internet access due to the rural nature of the properties such access and coverage can be unpredictable, slow and intermittent and may sometimes not be available during the entire duration of your stay. Please speak to our reservations team if you have a specific requirement for mobile and internet availability




Our maximum liability to you if we are found to have been at fault in relation to any service we provide (as opposed to any service provided by any Property Owner or Service Provider) is limited to the commission and booking fees we have earned or are due to earn in relation to the booking in question. We do not exclude or limit any liability for death or personal injury which arises as a result of our negligence or that of our employees whilst acting in the course of their employment.




If you are not entirely satisfied with the property, you should contact the Property Owner or their local representative immediately and attempt to resolve the problem on site during your stay. This is very important, as it gives the Property Owner or their local representative the opportunity to visit the property and understand the nature of your concern, and respond quickly and effectively. This applies particularly to complaints of a transient nature, (e.g. cleanliness or heating) as these can be rectified shortly after notification.

Where it is not possible to resolve the concern locally, you should contact us by telephone during your stay on Tel: 0044 (0) 1756 707726 or locally in Ireland on 065 6891105. Our phones are manned Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm. On Saturday an Answering Machine is monitored between 4pm-7pm for Emergency Purposes . The office is closed on Sunday.

Should you ring outside office hours or during office hours and all lines are engaged, then leave a message with clear details of your name, contact phone number, booking reference number and/or your home post code and a brief message.

The Property Owner should be given first the opportunity to rectify a situation on arrival . If you fail to contact the property owner or representative during your stay your right to claim any compensation you may otherwise have been entitled to may be affected or even lost as a result. You should therefore ensure that you follow this procedure as neither we nor the Property Owner or Service Provider will deal with complaints through other channels, such as social media or after you have vacated your holiday home.

If you have any complaints concerning any services we provide (as opposed to those provided by any Property Owner or Service Provider), you must inform us straight away in writing and in any event within 14 days of the end of any arrangements booked through us.




If you have a special request, please give us the full details in writing before you confirm your booking. We will liaise with the Property Owner/Service Provider as appropriate but it is not our responsibility for meeting any special requests. No guarantees are given that any special request will be met and a note of the same on your confirmation invoice or elsewhere is not confirmation that the requirements or request will be complied with. Failure to meet any special request will not be a breach of contract unless specifically confirmed in writing by the Property Owner/ Service Provider. If you or any member of your party has any medical condition or disability which may affect your stay or has any special requirements as a result of any medical condition or disability (including any which affect the booking process), please tell us before you confirm your booking so that we can assist you in considering the suitability of the arrangements and/or making the booking. In any event, you must give us full details in writing at the time of booking and whenever any change in the condition or disability occurs. You must also promptly advise us if any medical condition or disability which may affect your stay develops after your booking has been confirmed. If full details are not given at the time of booking or the condition / disability develops after booking, the Service Provider or Property Owner may cancel when they become aware of these details.




You are strongly advised to obtain personal travel insurance for your booking.




The contract between you and the Property Owner and any matter arising out of or in connection with it is governed by the law of the country where the property is situated. The contract between you and the Service Provider and any matter arising from or in connection with it is governed in accordance with the Service Provider’s terms and conditions. In the event of any dispute or issue arising between you and us in relation to the service we provide English law will apply and we both agree that a claim may only be brought in the Courts of England and Wales to the exclusion of all other courts.




Provided that you are a British Citizen, born in the UK, and travelling from Britain, you will not need a passport or visa for your stay (unless you are travelling by air, in which case your passport will be required as ID at your departure airport). If you are travelling from other countries, or you are not a British Citizen, you should check with the Irish Embassy, 17 Grosvenor Place, London SW1X 7HR. If you travel by car you require your full valid driving licence. It is your responsibility to ensure you are aware of all recommended vaccinations and health precautions in good time before departure. Details are available from your GP surgery and from the National Travel Health Network and Centre Information on health abroad is also available on At the time of publication of these Terms & Conditions, we are not aware of any compulsory health requirements applicable to British citizens traveling to Ireland. The European Community (EC) reciprocal health care arrangements apply to Ireland. Only state provided treatment is covered and may not cover all of the things that you would expect free of charge from the NHS. Evidence of residence in the UK is required i.e. NHS medical card or driving licence. If you are taken ill or have an accident, free or reduced-cost necessary treatment is available. You should contact the Health Board of the area where you are staying otherwise the service will not be free of charge. This may change after BREXIT so for absolute peace of mind we strongly recommend you purchase personal insurance cover.




For the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1998 and the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) May 2018, Imagine Ireland Ltd are the sole data controller of all personal data provided to us by customers and prospective customers. In order to make your booking, we must collect certain personal details from you (for example, names, address , email address and contact details of all party members, credit or debit card details, information relating to disabilities or medical conditions) which we need to pass on to Property Owners, Service Providers and other third parties (such as credit/debit card processors) who need to know them so that your booking can be provided. We would also like to retain your contact details for the purposes of future marketing we may wish to send you. We will not, however, provide your personal details to any third party for marketing purposes. If you do not want us to send you any further marketing at any time, please advise our reservation team. We may monitor, record, store and use any telephone, email or other communication with you in order to check any instructions given to us, for training purposes, for crime prevention and to improve the quality of our customer services.

All details are correct at the time of publication but may be subject to alteration.

Company Registration Number: 4827286. VAT Registration Number: 817396110

May 2021


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